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Groceries, observations and other expenses

May 6th, 2017 at 05:36 pm

Groceries...We've been extremely diligent about food...the only eating out the last 2-1/2 weeks was $25. DH bought the boys a few things while they were out. Other than that, every meal has been eaten at home or taken from home. DH buys his lunch every day, business expense, because he usually meets clients, but he's very frugal. Most of the time he'll eat at the grocery store cafe. With that said, our grocery spending was about $725 the last 2-1/2 weeks. We still have some stuff in the freezer, of course. But wow, that's more than I thought it would be. That amount does not include household supplies/toiletries. Groceries only for a family of four. We eat organic meats, a lot of vegetables and fruits, and never buy processed items. We shall see what the monthly amount is. I'm hoping it's a timing issue and will even out.

This month, I have a mom's get together on Monday (will take cookies or something), a concert to go to (will use cash for refreshments), a birthday party (restaurant and drinks out which will come out of the household budget; the gift will come from the gifts category), and a get together with my high school friends that will entail middle eastern takeout food (household budget).

We also had a bunch of home repair items taken care of in the last two weeks:
Annual exterminating $275 (they will come back out unlimited times as needed)
Annual HVAC maintenance $225
Electric repair $115
Refrigerator repair $150
Roofer came out to look at minor second floor ceiling stains and will repair-TBD
Called for screen door repair-TBD
Called for quote on porch floor painting and exterior painting and minor touch ups-TBD
Called for tuck pointing to porch column and brick stairs-TBD
I set aside $4,000 this year for maintenance and repairs. The only other item we will do this year is painting the living room and new carpet, which we can cash flow if necessary.

The summer camp reserve is fully funded. It's funny, because I'm always funding some kind of reserve in advance. So the funds go to one bucket or another! For instance, my reserve for estimated tax payments needs $1,905 to fully fund it through 1/2018. So, instead of directing the funds there, I funded summer camp. The tax estimate will be fully funded by the end of June. It's all good!

Oh, and our village has an annual Memorial Day carnival and parade, which we always celebrate with friends. We'll bring food and beverages! Wristbands for the boys will be about $25 each. Oh well, it's once a year and tons of fun!

If the rain ever stops, I'll get my porch furniture out, hopefully tomorrow!

Recap of the week and weekend doings

April 22nd, 2017 at 04:42 pm

The last couple of weeks have been busy! Between an extremely heavy workload, baseball games and practices, guitar lessons and just normal household stuff, it was crazy! I was able to take off work on Friday, it was heaven! I did laundry, cleaned and took a nap! And today was a lot of the same. I haven’t had two consecutive days of no outside home commitments in forever. It’s been wonderful. I’m completely caught up on household and laundry. It certainly won’t last, but it’s fun to have these few moments of bliss! Work this coming week should be a little more low-key than it’s been recently, so I’m looking forward to that.

Budget wise, we are doing well. I was able to pay the down payment for the boys’ summer camp of $410 out of the grocery/household budget. It will be close, but we will do it. The remaining summer camp costs are about $3,000, which I will save for or cash flow. We were able to pay the $410 by not eating out much and not purchasing items that can really wait. There were only a couple of take outs or lunches out this month, but no dinners out at all. When we go out to dinner, it’s a minimum $100 for the four of us because the boys eat off the regular menu…they eat a lot! So with a couple of drinks or beers, plus tip, it’s usually $100+, which is ridiculous. It just takes a great deal of planning in advance, as you all know, to avoid eating out. The challenge is getting home from a baseball game at 8:30 pm, or later, and having dinner. We’ve managed, but it takes work. Also, DH made many dinners this month that produced leftovers, with my prodding, so that really helped.

As far as working out or walking, that did not happen. My Spring allergies have been brutal, but with the additional rest, I do feel better. Baby steps. I think I can swing a Tuesday workout.

We have a baseball game tomorrow with a 10:00 am arrival, 11 am game, which usually lasts at least two hours. I bring plenty of drinks, snacks and lunch if necessary. I refuse to eat out! We will make dinner at home and plan meals for the week.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!


March 29th, 2017 at 04:34 pm

I'm really looking forward to starting April. The last few months have been spendy with Christmas, two family trips to FL, DH to FL to visit parents and me to FL to visit my dad, paying for travel baseball, and other sports, etc. We did it all pretty economically. We had funds saved for all of it or cash flowed it, but I still cringe when the funds are spent! At least we had the money set aside, or we obviously wouldn't have done those things.

We get home from our Spring break trip on Friday, and I told DH we are in major frugal mode for the next few months 😉 I want to see how much we can reduce our grocery spending so we can put those funds to other things. DH is going to plan our meals with what we have and clean out the freezer. I don't believe there's a huge amount of stuff in there, but we'll use it up!

I also want to set aside funds for summer camp now, if possible, rather than cash flow it during the summer. It's a mental thing, I like having the money set aside early.

We are on track with our investments for retirement for the year, it's all automatic. But I also save for short, mid, and long term annual expenses and I feel better if those are funded for the year as soon as possible.

The other thing I'm excited about is Spring cleaning in April! The weather is finally getting warmer and I can't wait to do a major cleaning and have windows open!