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Weekend recap

April 9th, 2017 at 04:27 pm

It was a rough work week and busy, but fun, weekend. We ended up getting take out on Thursday because DH's work appointments prevented him from cooking dinner. We had another family over for dinner on Friday, and DH cooked. The only other takeout was sub sandwiches on Saturday for lunch because of baseball practice. So, takeout was pretty minimal. DH cooked dinner all weekend. I didn't go to lunch with my mom friends this week. We may do it this week.

New baseball clothes for the boys amounted to $220 on Under Armor .com and that included new slide shoes for the boys for the summer. I need to purchase two new chest guard compression shirts. I think DS1 still needs pants, however, I don't have the detail yet on what needs to be purchased.

Two bags will be dropped off at Goodwill this week.

I laid out my work clothes 3 out of 5 days! When the weather is warmer, I typically wear dresses everyday because it's only one item I need to choose and so much easier! There will be several days this week I can do that.

We are doing well on the grocery budget so far, we shall see! I'm hoping to have several hundred dollars to divert to the summer camp costs.

I'm hoping to go to my workout class on Tuesday late afternoon (depends on work because I would need to leave early) and on Saturday morning. I'd like to walk a few times this week in the morning before I get the boys up for school. I'm trying to get a couple other moms to join me.

It was a beautiful day today! I sat on my porch in between laundry and chores.

2 Responses to “Weekend recap”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I used to wear dresses a lot, just for that reason. Now I wear pants all the time!

    My grandson plays baseball, and I am sure my son has similar expenses!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you hd a beautiful day to sit on your porch in-between chores.

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